Sunday, October 23, 2011

Summer Backpacking

This past summer wasn't the most productive for photography. I did, however, manage to get a couple of short backpacking trips in.

My cousin and I were camped below timberline on our first night in the Washington's Goat Rocks Wilderness. Our camp was in a forested area flanked by meadows and gently tumbling streams on either side. At sunset we built a fire and watched the stars appear one by one in the twilight sky. I took advantage of the minimal moonlight and made this 5 hour time exposure aimed north towards Polaris. The glowing trees are illuminated by the light from our fire.

Nikon FM2, Nikkor 17-35mm, F4, 5hrs, Fuji Velvia 50

I made this shot on our second day. Due to our unusually cold spring and summer, epic snowfields such as this covered the higher trails until late into August. This particular one probably never melted. This is Ryan making the long climb on the PCT up towards Old Snowy. This was his first backpacking trip.

Nikon FM2, Nikkor 28-80, exposure unrecorded, Fuji Velvia 50

I made this image later in the summer from our camp near Bald Mountain. I had Katie model for me as the full moon rose up behind Mount Hood.

Nikon FM2, Nikkor 17-35, 3-stop gnd filter, exposure unrecorded, Fuji Velvia 50

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