Friday, September 5, 2014

Into the Smoke on Middle Sister

I had a great time last month climbing with some friends up Middle Sister in the Three Sisters Wilderness. My old climbing route which passes through the popular Obsidian area is now limited entry, so we chose to hike in on the Pacific Crest Trail instead. It was roughly 10 miles in and another 3 or 4 miles to the summit. The conditions weren't the best for views and photography but there was still plenty of beauty to be had.

Summit crew with Little Brother in the background
Headed down to camp as the sun sets into the smokey haze
Chuck scrambling down lava and scree. In the distance: North Sister, Middle Sister and the Collier Glacier

View of North Sister from the summit of Middle Sister. One can usually see as far north as Washington's,  Mount Adams, but on this day we could barely see beyond North Sister.

Collier Cone as seen from Little Brother
 I tried to take advantage of the soft, smoke filtered afternoon light and photographed this eroding cliff painted in burnt orange.
An ancient white pine amidst a garden of lava rocks and indian paintbrush.  I photographed the tree from up close using my wide angle lens. My goal was to exaggerate the size of the pine and really show what caught my eye in the first place - the lined trunk, exposed roots and red lava.