Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Storytelling and the Creative Process

This past summer we went on a short family trip to Oceanside, a quaint town along a beautiful stretch of Oregon coastline. It's always been a favorite destination for us. I made a few images one morning while we were out walking the beach. It was overcast, the air was saturated with the fragrance of the sea and the seagulls were calling - it was a classic morning on the Oregon coast, shared with my two loves. I casually made a few pictures as we strolled along the tide line hunting for agates and shells.

Upon returning home and going through my images, I thought it would be fun to sequence certain photos and present them as a short story. Lately I've been enjoying the idea of using multiple photos that share a common theme and presenting them together. It's a been a good practice in staying sharp creatively. In this case, any one of these images works well by itself, but my goal here was for the images to support each other in a way that flows and feels consistent. 

'Hunting for Agates'

'Look There'

'Look at Her Glow'

My creative process as a landscape photographer tends to follow a certain formula. While this has led to some success, it isn't all that conducive to growing, changing, evolving and, ultimately, taking ones photography to the next level. Consistency is good to a point, but when ones mind gets locked onto a certain kind of photograph all the time, opportunities are missed. For myself, I'm finding that exploring situations such as this brings my style of landscape photography full circle and ultimately infuses fresh ideas into my work.