Sunday, January 21, 2018


I started this series on a cold, drizzly, autumn morning back in 2014, while out hiking with a friend at Silver Falls State Park. The last of the leaves had fallen and were caught amongst a carpet of salmonberry brambles on the banks of Silver Creek. In the middle was a lone tree, framed on either side by moss-covered Oregon maple. The scene really pulled at me. I returned many times over the next several years, observing its winter moods and nuances of green between spring and summer. It was a fun project, one that kept me anchored on a personal level and as an artist. Change and letting go, nature makes it look so beautiful and easy.

I'm currently working on some new locations for this series, but it's a long and slow process...stay tuned.

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Giving Thanks I
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Giving Thanks II
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Giving Thanks III
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Giving Thanks IV
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Thursday, January 11, 2018

In the Flow

Since becoming a dad, my eye for what it means to tell a story, catch a moment of light or immerse myself in nature has changed. Now, I see that what what I found out in the wilds of nature can also be seen in the raw relationship with my family. It's all a dance of light that's fleeting. Catching intimate moments of growth, love, self expression in my boys is, in its essence, the same movements of a quiet sunrise or moonlight dancing on water. My photography no longer stops after a trip out into the wilds; I no longer hang up my gear. I now see there is a continuous flow that sustains and nourishes it all. Here's to Family and Nature.

'Moon River'
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'Rain Day'

While my subject matter and artistic process has shifted over the past few years, what hasn't changed is my desire to photograph the things that move and inspire me the most. 

Thanks for following along and viewing my work. 

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